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Prices: All indicated prices are wholesale prices net in Euro (€) for dealers; without VAT and shipping charges
Shipping: The shipping will be done by our forwarding agency on client’s expenses and risk; or by personal collect by the client
Delivery time: Continental, Europe: 2 – 5 days / Intercontinental, USA: 7 – 14 days from order date We try to have always all items on stock. Not on stock items will be registered and sended as soon as possible
Packaging: Oversize packages and special packaging are charged separately
Payment conditions: 30 days invoice date The goods remain in property of the ULPE SAS until the full payment is fulfilled
Payment methods: Bank transfer - Cash payment up to 999.00 € upon collection
New clients: First order in advance by Bank transfer - Cash payment up to € 999.00 upon collection
Discounts - Rounding: For accounting and billing reasons any not agreed discounts or rounding’s are forbidden
Interest for delay: For non-compliance of the terms of payment we calculate interest for late payment
Complaints: Complaints are accepted only in written form within 8 days from invoice date
Court of jurisdiction: Place of performance for issues is the court of jurisdiction of Bolzano – Italy, its valid only the Italian law
Return delivery’s: Return delivery’s will be accepted only if sufficient stamped
Reserved: We reserve us, to change prices and colors of the displayed figures without advance notice
Author´s rights law: It´s forbidden copy or duplicate any parts of this price catalogue without specific permission
© All models are registered and protected by law! Imitations will be legally persecuted!

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions and customer information of the contracts concluded between ULPE SAS – hereafter referred to as "seller" - and the customer – hereafter referred to as "entrepreneur ".

1. Area of application and general information
(1)  With the exception of peculiar individual agreements, which take priority of application over the terms and conditions, the following terms and conditions will be applied to the business relationships between seller and entrepreneur. Unless otherwise agreed, the inclusion of the entrepreneur’s own conditions will be denied.
(2) The entrepreneur who concludes the trade contract for purposes which can be regarded as being outside his trade or profession is considered "consumer". Those natural or legal persons, public or private, who conclude a trade contract in the context of their entrepreneurial or professional activity, are considered "entrepreneur".

2. Contract conclusion
(1) The contract is concluded between the entrepreneur and:
d. Daniel Perathoner
I-39040 Laion (BZ) / Pontives 32
(2) The product's essential characteristics are the ones illustrated by the seller in products' description.
(3) Every promotion on display on the Online Shop constitutes a non-binding invitation for the entrepreneur to present a purchase offer to the seller. On the order reception the seller will send an order confirmation to the entrepreneur, usually by E-Mail (Order confirmation). The order confirmation does not automatically constitute the acceptance of the purchase offer, but it only serves as a confirmation that the order has been received. After having received the order, the seller will examine it and will inform the entrepreneur within two days if the order has been accepted (Order acceptance). The order transaction follows the steps below:
(4) The entrepreneur can select a product from the seller's catalogue and put it into the cart by clicking on the "add to cart" button. The products present in the cart can be visualized by clicking on the "Shopping cart" button. By clicking on the "Order" button the entrepreneur submits a binding purchase offer, concerning the items in the shopping cart. Before sending the purchase offer the entrepreneur can visualize and modify the data any time, surfing the browser with the "Back" and "Continue" buttons. To submit the order, the entrepreneur has to declare that he accepts the Terms and conditions by clicking on the "I accept the terms and conditions and the privacy" button. Once the order has been submitted the entrepreneur will receive an automatically generated E-Mail containing a printable order confirmation. The entrepreneur will be able to visualize again the details of the order. This operation does not constitute yet the order acceptance, but only the order confirmation. The contract can be considered concluded only with the order acceptance by the seller who will send an order acceptance E-Mail to the entrepreneur.

3. Subject of the contract, products' characteristics, shipping, items availability  
(1) The subject of the contract is constituted by the products and the services named by the entrepreneur in the order and consequently in the order confirmation and in the order acceptance sent by the seller. These products are sold at the price indicated in the Online Shop. Mistakes may occur, in particular with reference to the product availability.
(2) The nature of the ordered items matches the products' descriptions provided by the seller in the Online Shop. All product related pictures provided online are only indicative; in particular the colors may vary considerably due to technical reasons. The pictures have only illustrative purposes. Technical data (e.g. weight, dimensions and other technical specifications) are provided in the most accurate way, although variations may occur. The properties here described do not take into account possible defects of the products.
(3) If the ordered product turns out to be temporarily not available, the seller will inform the entrepreneur in the order acceptance. If the product turns out to be permanently out of stock the order will be cancelled and consequently the contract will not be concluded.
(4) If the ordered product is temporarily not available, the entrepreneur will be informed in the order acceptance confirmation E-Mail which the seller will send to the entrepreneur. If the delivery delay exceeds two weeks, the entrepreneur has the right to withdraw from the contract. Furthermore, in this case the seller is authorized to withdraw from the contract as well, refunding already fulfilled payments.

4. Delivery, prices, shipping charges
(1) The goods are delivered to the shipping courier within two days after payment (in case of cash-on-delivery payment within two days from the order acceptance). The delivery takes place within five days. The seller signals eventual delivery time variations on the relative products' pages.
(2) We ship worldwide.
(3) All prices exclude vat. The indicated prices are the purchase prices and do not include shipping charges. The entrepreneur will receive an Intra-Community EU invoice exempt from vat.

5. Method of payment
(1) The payment is possible by Bank transfer - Cash payment up to 999.00 € upon collection.

6. Transport related damages
(1) In case the items are delivered with evident damages caused by transportation, the entrepreneur is kindly invited to make an immediate formal complaint to the shipping courier and to contact the seller.
(2) The lack of complaint or of contact with the seller will not limit the entrepreneur’s warranty claims, but the formal complaint or the contact with the seller can facilitate the seller to validate his own claims (e.g. shipping insurance validation).

7. Warranty in case of defective products
(1) Seller guarantees for defective goods in accordance with present regulations.
(2) Products are warranted only if explicitly marked on the order acceptance.
(3) Possible claims can be submitted to the above indicated address.

8. Retention of property
(1) The goods remain the seller's property until the purchase price has been paid in full.

9. Liability
(1) Reference is made to the laws in force.

10. Text of the contract
(1) The text of the contract will be saved by the seller. The terms and conditions can be visualized by the entrepreneur anytime in the entrepreneur’s account. The order related data and the terms and conditions are sent to the entrepreneur by E-Mail. For safety reasons, after the purchase is completed, the order related data can no longer be visualized by the entrepreneur on the internet.

11. Final provisions

(1) The contractual language is English.
(2) The relations between seller and entrepreneur shall be ruled exclusively by Italian laws, with the exception of the uniform law on the international sale of goods.
(3) If the entrepreneur is merchant, corporate body under public law or special fund under public law, the legal venue for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship between the entrepreneur and the seller is the registered office of the seller. The same applies if the entrepreneur has no competent court in Italy or in the EU or in case his private place of residence or domicile is not known at the moment of the claim.